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Outsourcing Fixed Asset Management


Fixed Asset Outsourcing
Outsourcing your fixed asset management

We keep the process of onboarding simple. in a three step process:

  1. Data Conversion. CLEAN data in, clean data out.
  2. Custom template for on-going activities
  3. Monthly/Quarterly/Annual report schedule to work with your timeline.

“No one thinks fixed assets are sexy, but I disagree. They hold a lot of weight in a business and have many layers most people don’t realize. Having a solid sub-ledger is key to unlocking powerful reporting while mitigating risk across the board.”


Improve Accuracy & Reduce Risk

Whether your company is large, small, or somewhere in between, we offer a range of fixed asset outsourcing programs to meet your needs and budget. Can include process improvement, automation, construction in progress accounting, physical inventory assistance with shared data packets of data, auto-reconciliation tools, additional fixed asset reporting, and more.